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Wreck treks: Giannis D

February 12. 2013.

One of the most popular wrecks in the Northern Red Sea.

The Giannis D was a 99,5m long cargo vessel which was launched in 1969. Its original name was Shoyo Maru and it was built in Japan. It was re-named to Markos in 1975 and to Giannis D in 1980. Its final journey started in April 1983 from the port of Split in Croatia, the destination was Jeddah in Saudi Arabia and Yemen, the cargo was softwood. The trip was uneventful until the Gulf of Suez where the experienced captain went to his cabin for a little relaxation. A bit later the GIannis D hit the Shab Abu Nuhas at full speed and the crew abandoned the ship.

The Shab Abu Nuhas is the final resting place of many ships. This coral plateau became a popular spot amongst wreck enthusiasts, while it's still dangerous for cargo vessels who pass by the Straits of Gobal. Nowadays the Giannis D is one of the often visited wrecks in the Northern Red Sea because it's easy to dive and the huge wreck is quite spectacular.

The wreck is found in three separate sections, and the stern is the far most attracting. The divers reach the mast at 4-5 meters, and they found the deepest pont at 24. Photographers with wide angle lenses adore the dramatic view of the stern while the other divers like to swim around the nearly intact section. It's possible to look around in the bridge where glassfish live. The room is quite large, it's not too deep and there are several entry points so even recreational divers would enjoy look around here. Those who are more interested in wreck penetration would choose the way to the engine room. Because the stern listing to port at an angle of 45 degrees, the corridors can be confusing- follow your guide who knows which goes up and down. There aren't only dark sections but rooms with special view.

But you don't need to swim inside to have a great dive at Giannis. The next sections are the cargo holds which isn't that spectacular but you can find here hiding octopus and other animals. The last section is the bow which rests on its port side. Basically the huge wreck worth more than one dive and it offers great subjects for photographers. I think it would be even more interesting when more corals would colonise the wreck, but there are still many fish. This is one of the highlights of the Northern Wreck Route and many dive centers who organize day trips from Hurghada to Abu Nuhas area surely plan a dive here so you don't need to join a liveaboard if keen to see the Giannis D.

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