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DC Red Sea trip 2016
The highlight of our Northern route trip in the Egyptian Red Sea: wrecks, dolphins, photographers and much fun under and ...
76 picture by: admin
DC Szafari 2015 életképek

55 picture by: Bunny
DC szafari 2014 élményképek
2014 augusztusának első hetében ismét a vörös-tengeren jártunk, fotóztunk, videóztunk sőt még egy kis versenyt is rendeztünk. A felszíni és ...
213 picture by: admin
Divecenter.hu - Adriadive 2014 Shootout pictures
Shootout contest in the Croatian Adriatic. Our dive center partner in Razanj village was the Adriadive DC. The entrants who ...
34 picture by: admin
Adriatic Shootout 2014
Razanj, Adria Dive
33 picture by: elche
DC-RSBH liveaboard trip 2013
Southern route and special UW photography workshop on the Cassiopeia
136 picture by: admin
DC-Bluebay 2013 Shootout
Shootout contest in the Croatian Adriatic. Our dive center partner in Stara Novalja village, Pag island was the Blue Bay ...
47 picture by: admin
Adriatic photo workshop 2013
Blue Bay DC, Stara Novalja, Pag island, Croatia
35 picture by: elche
Búvár Bál 2013

22 picture by: Thomasbuvar
2012 Dive and Travel Impressions
Photos of our members
21 picture by: admin
2012 DC-RSBH photo competition ceremony

29 picture by: Magdi
DC-RSBH liveaboard trip 2012
Northern wreck route and special UW photography workshop on the Cassiopeia
162 picture by: admin
DC Party, Agard, Hungary
2012 June
67 picture by: Thomasbuvar
Adriatic Shootout 2012
Pag island, Croatia, Blue Bay DC
25 picture by: elche
Where was me?
Our online game´s gallery- guess the place.
224 picture by: admin
Divers´ Ball 2012
Pecs, Hungary
58 picture by: Thomasbuvar
2011 Memories
The readers of our websited posted some of their photos taken during trips.
63 picture by: admin
DC-RSBH liveaboard trip 2011, Cassiopeia
Egyptian Red Sea: Marsa Alam, Fury Shoals, Safaga
210 picture by: admin
3rd DC party 2011 summer

171 picture by: Thomasbuvar
Divers´ Ball 2011

44 picture by: Thomasbuvar
DC-RSBH shootout contest 2011 Award Ceremony

10 picture by: Bunny
2rd DC party 2011 summer
Szalkszentmarton, Hungary
188 picture by: Thomasbuvar
DC-RSBH liveaboard trip 2010
Cassiopeia boat, special UW photo workshop
41 picture by: admin
DC party 2010

65 picture by: Thomasbuvar
Awards and party

11 picture by: elche
DC party
2009 winter
17 picture by: istvanv
DC Adriatic shootout 2009 Award ceremony

8 picture by: elche
DC Adriatic shootout 2009
Krk, Croatia
14 picture by: elche
DC party 2009 september
Palatinus-lake, Dorog, Hungary
100 picture by: admin
Award ceremony 2008
Divers´ Ball
14 picture by: elche
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Poseidonia (Al Kahfain) Wreck

Egypt, Red Sea

5/5 reviews avg:interesting(average: 4) average conditions
max: 25m, visibility: 10-25m , Current

by liveaboardwreck divetropical coral reef habitatDolphin

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